A Super-Tricky Time-Attack Thrust-Em-Up

Pilot your pathetically fragile lander, the Deep Insertion Landing Device: Zero, through a series of increasingly ridiculous physics-based challenges.

Bloody well everything is out to get you

Finish stages and collect experience to unlock new challenges. Upgrade your lander to be more agile, or enable advanced control modes allowing you to find that perfect racing line. It's tricky at first, but you'll get it. And when you feel like you're finally nailing it, when your lander becomes an extension of your body and your feel one with the machine... well then you can enable Dark Mode.

Don't worry, you get a torch.

Thrunt XL draws on classics like Thrust, Oids and Grav 2, but strips away the stodgy combat, placing the emphasis on pace and precision. And crashing into walls. Lots of crashing. Into lots of walls.

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